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Our mission is to graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can create personal, economic, and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work.


The Entrepreneurial Engineering Movement

Our focus on adding entrepreneurial mindset to undergraduate engineering is part of something larger: The Entrepreneurial Engineering Movement. 

Members of this movement believe that an entrepreneurial mindset, coupled with engineering thought and action, expressed through collaboration and communication, and founded on character, is the key to unleashing human potential in order to solve societal problems and create an environment for human flourishing.


Engineering Unleashed is Powered by KEEN

The Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) is a partnership of more than 60 colleges and universities across the United States.

KEEN Partners are driving change within engineering education.

Each institution commits to reaching all of their undergraduate engineering students with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Faculty and staff within KEEN contribute to and influence the Engineering Unleashed Community and the broader engineering ecosystem, reflecting the belief that networks scale impact.

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The Engineering Unleashed Community

3,900+ Cards  |  6,000+ Members  |  70+ Stories  |  380+ Institutions  |  3,000+ Discussions 

CommunityFaces1.pngEngineering Unleashed is a community space where you can meet others who do what you do and understand what you do. 

Members at all levels share how they've implemented the entrepreneurial mindset with students, peers, departments, and campuses.

Members hold a variety of in-person and virtual meetups. They publish classroom activities, labs, and complete courses for others to take and adapt.

These resources can also go through an informal peer review service

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It’s very much an environment that embraces the idea of change: The idea of trying something new and to take risks. No one individual or institution alone can make the impact necessary to advance engineering education to reach students and faculty at a national scale.
- Ann McKenna, University of Iowa


Entrepreneurial Mindset

An entrepreneurial mindset (EM) is comprised of attitudes and behaviors that give us a unique approach to problem-solving, innovation, and value creation. 


EM empowers students to enhance their technical knowledge with a proactive, exploratory, and impact-driven approach. To help unpack this, we've created a 15-minute introductory course on the definition, terms, and how EM can be connected to engineering courses. 

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Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value: The 3Cs

The 3Cs are key components of the entrepreneurial mindset that help us give students the tools they need for meaningful experiences, projects, and careers. Click each C below for activities and guides:


Today’s solutions are often obsolete tomorrow. Enable students to investigate our rapidly changing world with an insatiable curiosity.


Discoveries alone are not enough. Encourage students to pursue knowledge and integrate it with their own discoveries to reveal innovative solutions.

Creating Value

Solutions are most meaningful when they create extraordinary value for others. Empower students to be champions of value creation.

Scholarship of Entrepreneurial Mindset

Pursuing scholarship around entrepreneurial mindset can bring significant benefits to your career and institution! 

Such research can provide valuable insights into how students can develop the skills and mindset needed to succeed. 

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Download Activities

Try these sample activities to introduce the entrepreneurial mindset to your students! 

The Journey to the Top

By Cheryl Bodnar and Cory Hixon

This fun board game teaches entrepreneurial mindset to first year students. Students answer questions about engineering curriculum knowledge, campus resources, and legal/ethical issues. There's also a risk/reward component!

The Empathy Map

By Andrea Kwaczala

Students interview a personal contact about their needs and desires for a device that would assist them with activities of daily living.

Building Solutions for Real Customers

By Cristi Bell-Huff and Heidi Morano

Students identify opportunities to solve problems for real customers, then design, build, and test working prototypes that create value for them.

The faculty development workshops have been a great way to network, get translatable ideas for my own curriculum, as well as develop my own ideas for infusing EM into my teaching and scholarship.
- Erin Henslee, Wake Forest University


Faculty Development

Great faculty development paths inspire great careers. By taking advantage of the learning opportunities Engineering Unleashed offers, you'll add to your abilities, increase your effectiveness, and amplify your impact. 

From immersive workshops with expert coaching, to virtual at-your-desk modules, to department lunch & learns, you'll find the setting and outcome that's right for you.

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Engineering Unleashed Fellows

The Engineering Unleashed Fellows program is comprised of faculty selected by their peers in recognition of their contribution to engineering education, specifically entrepreneurial engineering.

Fellows participate in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development (EUFD) National Workshop program, which highlights entrepreneurially minded learning as central to the development of engineering graduates prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world. 

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Engineering Unleashed promotes professional growth and provides access to a wealth of community-created content and best practices for entrepreneurially minded learning. 

Get ready to inspire future generations of engineers to create value for the world around them!

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