KEEN 2020 Annual Report

6 faculty involved in KEEN-related efforts* Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development Engineering Unleashed Fellows workshops *as reported by partners in KEEN more than one academic year schools facilitators/coaches participants The Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development program delivers actionable, adaptable strategies and resources that empower faculty members to create long-lasting value with the entrepreneurial mindset. Participants receive expert facilitation and guidance during the workshop while collaborating with faculty from across the nation. Over the span of a year, they then work to bring a project to life on campus with input and guidance from coaches and fellow participants. The workshop offerings included: Integrating Curriculum With Entrepreneurial Mindset, Making With Purpose, Leadership Unleashed, EML and Research, The Problem- Solving Studio, and Building EML Foundations in STEM. Twenty-nine faculty members from twenty-four institutions of higher education across the U.S. were named the Engineering Unleashed 2020 Fellows. These faculty are recognized for their contribution to engineering education, and specifically entrepreneurial engineering. These faculty members participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development Program, creating resources that will help them and intercollegiate colleagues advance the community’s mission to integrate entrepreneurial mindset into practices that benefit their students, their institutions, and greater society. To amplify the work of these fellows and advance the shared mission, awards were provided to the awardee’s home institutions through the Kern Family Foundation. In total, the colleges received $290,000 in support to recognize the excellent efforts in engineering education by their faculty. Enabling Value Creation Faculty are the conduit for entrepreneurially minded learning. By learning more about the framework and how to apply it, faculty are empowered to pass that learning on to students and also leverage the concepts beyond the classroom. By the numbers FACULTY 2,956 8 71 47 229 2,065 891 engineering faculty (542 of 891 are newly introduced) (758 of 2,065 are newly introduced) non-engineering faculty