KEEN 2020 Annual Report

14 *as reported by partners in KEEN more than one academic year 15% 29% 30% 36% By the numbers Undergraduate Engineering Students Reached with EM* 27% from last year (44,079 to 56,036) 67% of students reached (56,036 of 83,685) 80% of First Year students 7,498 single exposure 7,698 multiple exposure 5,052 single exposure 5,618 multiple exposure 5,308 single exposure 6,542 multiple exposure 9,331 single exposure 8,989 multiple exposure 60% of Sophomore students 62% of Junior students 66% of Senior students Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset Students are our inspiration. Developing new opportunities for students to understand impact and value in turn inspires them to dig deeper and develop lifelong practices around creating value. STUDENTS Change from last year: