KEEN 2020 Annual Report

18 Weaving a strong culture Part of what makes entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) so sustainable itself is its immediate and ongoing value. Whether you’re translating curiosity to lifelong learning, showing students the importance of customer needs, or providing practical lessons that encompass KEEN ideals, infusing EML into your classes and curriculum increases the value of your graduates and yields the strong outcomes you want. SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE By the numbers 36 34 28 19 14 30 20 18 15 15 10 7 Leadership Speeches Faculty Publications College Publications College Websites Media Publications # of Partners Students Faculty Strategic Plans Engineering College Mission Institution Mission Tenure and Promotion Policies Institutional Learning Outcomes EM appears in our artifacts EM is leveraged in our recruiting EM has become part of our identity Incorporating entrepreneurial mindset (EM) into the culture leads to sustainability. We mention EM and KEEN in a variety of artifacts and activities on campus.