KEEN 2020 Annual Report

21 Programmatic Approach to EM Integration: Assessment and Learning Outcomes: Cross-Campus Collaborations: Facilities and Spaces: Leadership and Support Structures: Content Culture Community Thought Leadership Funding SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE Partners Activities 8 10 Partners Activities 16 24 Partners Activities 19 23 Partners Activities 15 28 Partners Activities 14 19 Sustainable Infrastructure Activity Highlights 33 Partners with 104 Activities Clarkson University recently opened a new Innovation Hub as part of Clarkson Ignite. Colorado School of Mines recently announced plans to build to new Innovation Hub to help bring EM to students across campus. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology provides Faculty Success Grants to help faculty implement course changes and continue extracurricular programs. Faculty at Saint Louis University who have attended the STEM Faculty Teaching Institute can apply for grant funding to create transformational change within a department or program. Olin College shares space with Babson College for students at both schools to collaborate on innovation projects. University of Portland’s School of Engineering has strategically partnered with the School of Education to improve KEEN mod- ules through design support, assessment, and faculty observa- tion. Ohio Northern University created and disseminated an expand- ed set of KEEN Student Outcomes that are helping embed EM throughout the curricula. Lehigh University created curriculum maps, Engineering Prin- ciples maps, and integration matrices for every engineering department to help with full-program EM implementation. Baylor University is working to align ABET criteria with EM stu- dent outcomes on campus. Ohio Northern University developed Faculty Course Assessment Reports (FCARs) to assess KEEN Student Outcomes and sustain EM-related course modifications in the event of faculty changes in the future.