Call for Workshops

2023 Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development

The 2023 Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development (EUFD) National Workshops call for proposals is open until September 19, 2022!

This is an opportunity to showcase your work in advancing the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) by providing faculty, staff, and administrators from around the country with ideas and techniques to implement on their campuses.

Workshop Proposals

There are two categories* of workshop proposals: Suggested Topics and Open Topics.

EUFD Call for Proposals
  • Suggested Topics were curated by the EUFD Team and Advisory Council based on input from the Network. Members of the Network who are experts in these topics may propose an EM workshop. See below for the list. 

  • Open Topics provide an opportunity for members of the Network who are experts in a topic to propose a new EM workshop. 

Suggested Topics 

Entrepreneurially Minded Making (EMM) is about understanding and using the skill, craft, and art of making to foster the concurrent development of skillset and mindset. This includes attitudes, dispositions, and motivations of undergraduate engineering students as they prototype for value. EMM reinforces pedagogical aspects of making that promote student EM development. 

Faculty-Industry Connections (FIC) is about building individual faculty connections with industry partners based on EM thinking. The value created from these connections benefit faculty, students, and industry. This workshop presents an industry perspective on value creation. FIC provides opportunities for faculty to learn and practice strategies for building EM-based industry relationships. 

EM for Sustainability (EMS) is about embracing an entrepreneurial mindset in sustainable engineering design. The 3 pillars of sustainability (environmental, economic, and social) are represented with clear connections to the economic component. EMS reinforces pedagogical aspects of sustainability that promote student EM development. 

First Year & EM (FYEM) is about designing a first-year engineering program that explicitly includes elements of EM and frames the profession of engineering in terms of EM. The workshop embraces state of the art pedagogical approaches, such as active learning, project based learning, effective teams, life-long-learning, all with the emphasis on EM. FYEM addresses the challenges of different types of first-year programs while providing guidance in the development of an EM-infused curriculum. 

Fostering EM Through Applications (FETA) is about designing curricula that concurrently promote the development of EM and engineering skillset by applying modern tools. These tools may include software (e.g., Matlab, Python, CAD), hardware, media (e.g., podcasts, videos, social media), and pedagogical aids (e.g., Jamboard,, Mural). FETA applies modern tools for classical engineering topics with the goal of providing students with industry-desired skills.

Ready to apply?

*Please note that the workshop teams of previously offered workshops (e.g., ICE 1.0PSSStoryMakers) have been approached to offer new versions (planned topics) in 2023.