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“What’s a card?” you may be asking.

Engineering Unleashed cards provide a place for you to share content and find resources from other faculty within the community.

Cards allow you to implement entrepreneurially minded learning quickly and easily, providing context and instructor tips from fellow faculty so that you don’t have to start from square one.

Whether you’re searching for resources or creating them, think of cards as flexible containers that allow members to upload a variety of materials and provide context for other members to take, adapt, and use in their own classes.

Search cards that introduce the 3C’s to first-year classes. Discover cards that detail experiences and outcomes from moving a lab online. Explore new experiments around course-based undergraduate research experiences. Dive into a design project that involves collaboratively constructed knowledge. These are just a few examples of the materials waiting for you to access!

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A Fresh Take on Curriculum Approaches
Whether you’re looking for a single-class project or a curriculum-wide approach, the Engineering Unleashed community delivers content that can be applied across disciplines.
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Useful Supporting Documents Including Images & Video
Upload and organize lesson plans, student artifacts, rubrics, case studies, articles, presentations, and more in a variety of formats including documents, images, and video files. You can also link to files and videos hosted offsite.
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Inspiring Tips from Card Authors
You’ll find How Tos, lessons learned, and step-by-step instructions to implement and adapt a card for your own needs. From tried and true methods to cutting-edge experiments, you’re sure to find inspiration for your students.
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Card Commenting
Cards aren’t a one-way delivery system. You can interact with the card author! Use the card’s discussion section to ask questions or leave feedback. If you’ve authored a card, you’ll be notified when someone posts so you won’t miss a comment.
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Take a look at Cards Now

Here are a few of the cards you’ll find in the community. JOIN NOW - so much more awaits! You will get access to all card content that community members have shared from their classes, co-curricular projects, faculty development, and more.

Jacquelyn Nagel
published a card
A technique for integrating bio-inspired design in engineering from ASEE 2019
Exemplar Content

Kimberly Demoret
published a card
An EML project introducing freshman students to "making facilities" on campus- teams create and build a visual aid to teach others a class concept
Exemplar Content

Doug Melton & 1 other
published a card
Propulsion and flight module exploring the thrust equation
Exemplar Content

Edmund Webb
published a card
PBL module to design an “epic” tree house using finite element analysis.
Exemplar Content

Cheryl Bodnar & 1 other
published a card
This card describes the process that was followed in the development of a "master" entrepreneurial mindset concept map and presents the final map.
Exemplar Content

Chao Wang
published a card
Engineering Freshman, Open-ended Design Project, Arduino
Exemplar Content

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How to Create a Card
Ajmal Khan & 21 others
published a card
Learn how to create a card from start to finish! Get quick tips & tricks as well as a full guide.
Exemplar Content

Use this self-guided, step-by-step guide to get started creating your own card. Whether you have a robust pack of information or a concise set of data, you’ll learn to:

  • Write a descriptive title to capture interest from other faculty
  • Share learning objectives and instructor tips
  • Tell the story behind your class or project