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ASEE Best Card Template
Updated: 10/5/2020 3:20 PM by Michael Johnson
Template & Instructions for the 2020 ASEE Best Card Competition

Trying to share something from ASEE or are entering a card into the ASEE Best Card Competition? Use this card as a guide.

Start by writing for other faculty. Why should they care? What is the big idea or concept that you are sharing? 

Next, share how this card connects to entrepreneurial mindset. You can check boxes related to the 3C's of entrepreneurial mindset (curiosity, connections, and creating value) within your card, but adding this to the description allows you to elaborate on how you are instilling this mindset. 

After that, provide details of your paper or poster. Do you have a session description? Is there other supplemental context that others should know? (look at the example cards linked below for how others have done this)

That leads to the final tip: tease out resources that are linked below by referencing them within the description. This gives other faculty an incentive to scroll down and download the resources you are sharing. 

The evaluation rubric is linked below.

Here are the details for the 2020 ASEE Best Card Competition:

ASEE Best Card Competition sponsored by Engineering Unleashed

Win $500, a trophy, recognition in ASEE Prism, and promotion of your resources to more than 10,000 engineering faculty, department heads, and deans.

This exclusive opportunity is open to those presenting posters or papers at ASEE's Virtual Conference. This national competition will take approximately one hour to enter and allows you to share relevant resources with a broad community of faculty on EngineeringUnleashed.com.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Log in to EngineeringUnleashed.com
  2. Publish your entry as a card
    1. Include your session title, a link to your paper/poster, and any other supplemental resources you want to share on the card. (Use this card as a guide)
  3. Share your card on the 2020 ASEE Best Card Competition Forum on or before June 30, 2020

All cards submitted will be reviewed by the awards committee, and winners will be announced on August 14. Cards will be reviewed using this rubric. 

One grand-prize winner will receive $500 and a trophy. Two honorable mentions will receive $250 and a plaque. All three will be highlighted in an issue of ASEE Prism and promoted to the entire EngineeringUnleashed.com community.

Comment below with any questions. 

Learning Objectives
List student learning objectives here. If this is a poster geared toward faculty, this could also be learning objectives for other faculty (ie by viewing this poster, faculty will have a complete understanding of x...)
Instructor Tips
There are some great examples of instructor tips in the cards linked below. 
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Add papers and posters in a folder by linking to them on ASEE PEER.

Example paper link is Food for Thought: Predicting Entrepreneurial Behavior by Craig G. Downing, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Thomas P. James P.E., Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology; Diane Evans, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Example paper upload is Partnering to Develop Educational Software Applications: A Four-year Retrospective Study by David Reeping, Virginia Tech; John Estell, Ohio Northern University
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
Example link to ASEE PEER Other 4/16/2019 -  
Create as many folders as you want to share supplemental or additional resources. Examples could include redacted student work, syllabi, rubrics, or anything else you want to share.

Link below is an example structure for uploading and sharing resources.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
Example Card Folder Structure Other 4/16/2019 -  
Not sure what the KEEN Framework is or want a quick reference? You can download the framework below.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
KEEN Framework Other 4/16/2019 -  
Two examples of cards submitted for 2018 ASEE Best Card competition.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
Connecting with Clients by Creating... Other 4/16/2019 -  
Games, Games, Games: Teaching EM... Other 4/16/2019 -