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The KEEN Annual Report, 2019-2020 

Congratulations go out to the faculty and students involved in these efforts to support and drive the entrepreneurial mindset among classes, curricula, institutions, and communities! 

Please enjoy the full interactive report below, or scroll for the highlights and stories of the work KEEN has accomplished during the 2019-20 academic year.

KEEN Annual Report 2020

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Faculty: Enabling Value Creation

Faculty are the conduit for entrepreneurially minded learning. By learning more about the framework and how to apply it, faculty are empowered to pass that learning on to students and also leverage the concepts beyond the classroom.

KEEN Workshops Motivate Faculty

Learn how the University of New Haven leverages the power of KEEN conferences and workshops. Faculty come back bursting with multiple ideas and at peak levels of enthusiasm!
Mike Rust and Ronny Priefer

KEEN Helps Provide the Means to Succeed

There’s no substitute for talking to a customer and hearing what they like and don't like about a product. Learn how Western New England University incorporates KEEN, the entrepreneurial mindset, and Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value to frame classes in real-world contexts to help students understand opportunity and impact.

Curriculum: The Currency of Student Value

Entrepreneurial mindset modules and course updates start students on the path of developing an entrepreneurial mindset. Embedding these concepts throughout the curriculum drives up the value, paying dividends as students develop a habit of thinking entrepreneurially.

Here is the content-related activity on Engineering Unleashed, as well as the 2019-20 online community activities:

Bucknell Grand Challenge

A Grand Junior Engineering Design Experience

Find out from Bucknell University what happens when you emphasize the process, the function of the end product, and who will use it — putting the course in a valuable real-world context. Students learn important lessons in being adaptable and fluid in how they approach problem-solving.
Global Experiences Strengthen

Global Experiences Strengthen U.S. Engineers

Through integrating entrepreneurially minded learning into their Interactive Qualifying Project experience, Worcester Polytechnic Institute helps students come to better understand the human condition in context.

Students: Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Students are our inspiration. Developing new opportunities for students to understand impact and value in turn inspires them to dig deeper and develop lifelong practices around creating value.

MSOE student

CREATE - Integrating the KEEN Framework Into Context

Learn how CREATE helps the Milwaukee School of Engineering bring together leadership, faculty, students, and the community to facilitate faculty professional development and curriculum integration, programming for students, and a clearinghouse connection to community and industry partners interested in developing real-world project experiences for students.
Experiential Learning with Entrepreneurially Minded Learning

First-Year Engineering Experience - Experiential Learning with Entrepreneurially Minded Learning

Learn about this revised course at Valparaiso University that transforms lecture-based to project-based, team-based, hands-on, and interdisciplinary, along with entrepreneurially minded learning elements.

Sustainable Infrastructure: Weaving a Strong Culture

Part of what makes entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) so sustainable itself is its immediate and ongoing value. Whether you’re translating curiosity to lifelong learning, showing students the importance of customer needs, or providing practical lessons that encompass KEEN ideals, infusing EML into your classes and curriculum increases the value of your graduates and yields the strong outcomes you want.

Incorporating entrepreneurial mindset into the culture leads to sustainability. KEEN Partners mention the entrepreneurial mindset and KEEN in a variety of artifacts and activities on campus.

Santa Clara University

Regarding Program Sustainability: An Interview with Chris Kitts

Learn about this five-point strategy at Santa Clara University that has embedded entrepreneurial mindset so deeply in our institution that the concepts have survived leadership and faculty changes and are part of the strategic future.
University of Toledo

Local Funding Opportunities Help Attract Students and Sustain Entrepreneurially Minded Learning

The University of Toledo has leveraged state scholarship funding to help attract the brightest graduates from Ohio high schools into their KEEN entrepreneurially minded learning-imbued engineering entrepreneurship minor programs: Entrepreneurship, Family and Small Business, and Professional Sales.

Network Connectivity: Winning hearts and minds

KEEN Partners look beyond: They develop a vast array of modules and materials while balancing scalability and keeping the needs of the consumer always in the forefront. And they don’t do it alone, welcoming cross-collaboration opportunities and creating a living community of entrepreneurially minded learning.

KEEN Annual Report 2020 Network Connectivity
Florida Institute of Technology

A Project in the Making

How can you make entrepreneurially minded learning more formal through the development of makerspace-oriented teaching tools? Florida Institute of Technology is working on this challenge, partnering with three other KEEN partners to create meaningful opportunities for faculty and staff to leverage makerspaces for entrepreneurially minded learning.
University of Dayton

Ten Ways for New KEEN Partners to Get Started and Veteran Schools to Keep Sharp

Whether you're new to KEEN or entrepreneurially minded learning, or are a veteran school, use these tips from the University of Dayton to quickly involve faculty and staff who can integrate ideas from the KEEN framework into the campus culture.

Advocacy: Students, Staff, and Synergy

“Sharing is caring” isn’t just a coined phrase. KEEN Partners live it, inspiring others with their sincerity, expertise, and appreciation for the value of EML. The result is seeing faculty, staff, students, and communities become partners in fostering shared success.

Annual Report 2020 Conferences
Annual Report 2020 Conferences
RIT Community Partnership

Community Partnership

At Rochester Institute of Technology, a core team is working on a program to positively impact local and global communities while teaching students entrepreneurial mindset. Learn how their students appreciate the social-cultural context within which solutions have to be fashioned, which is important to success and is an area of learning often missed in technical education.
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

Entrepreneurially Minded Engineering Resource Group for Educators (EMERGE)

Not only is the KEEN team at University of North Carolina (UNC) Chapel Hill embedding entrepreneurially minded learning into its new engineering major, UNC is also partnering with Olin College of Engineering to offer a nationwide community of practice for other institutions starting new engineering schools and programs.

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