52 Card Challenge

Your own card deck on social media

52 Card Challenge: #mindsetcard

In one year, create your own complete card “deck” on social media. 

  • By sharing just one card a week, you'll promote your work and that of others to a broader audience.
  • Plus, each quarter we'll send Engineering Unleashed swag to a random selection of participants!*

How to Participate

  1. Search for cards.
  2. Click the Share button at the top of any card - including yours.
  3. Add context: “Use this activity to…” or “First year students can…” 
  4. Tag with #mindsetcard.

When does this start? Right now! Click here for a weekly calendar reminder.

*Cards that haven't been reviewed will prompt people to log in or register for a free account.
The challenge starts anytime - no expiration date.
Posts that haven't been tagged with #mindsetcard may not be included in the swag selection.

Example: Sharing Student Worksheets for Value-Driven Design

Step 1: Click the Share button and choose your social media platform.


Step 2: Add a sentence or two so people know why they should click.


Step 3: Make sure you've added the hashtag #mindsetcard. Then post!