Community Guidelines

Engineering Unleashed is designed to offer a vibrant, engaging space where members can interact, ask, and answer questions related to incorporating the entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate education. Members have the ability to report content and people within the community if they feel that something is inappropriate. 

For the benefit of all our contributors, we require all participants to observe the following set of guidelines:


Respect other members.

This is a professional workspace. Members are expected to publish (to the best of their knowledge) accurate information, give proper credit to their sources, and use appropriate, respectful language and tone. We reserve the right to remove user access to the community.

Maintain privacy.

It is up to each individual user to determine what information to share about themselves or their institution. Refrain from sharing content with other user’s personal information (examples include email addresses, postal addresses, phone numbers, etc.) in any public space. When in doubt, ask others if they are comfortable with the information you are planning to share.
Open dialogue

Be open to dialogue on different perspectives and viewpoints.

The community is designed for discussing thought leadership topics, best practices, and educational challenges. We encourage candor and substantive debate on topics, not on the persons discussing those topics. An example would be to acknowledge a member's contribution to the discussion while sharing your viewpoint.
No Bullying

No bullying or hate speech.

This includes vulgar, obscene, or indecent language, information, or images, including but not limited to bigoted, hateful, racially offensive, or religious comments. Similarly, language which promotes illegal or violent activities, or discusses illegal activities, is not allowed.
No solicitation

No solicitation.

Spam messages, marketing content, or commercial advertisements which have no relevance to discussion topics. This includes job postings. Our user-generated content may contain links to items for purchase (i.e. textbooks, software, etc.) and/or may have files that require third-party applications that require payment or licenses. The purpose of this content is not to sell, market, or otherwise promote these tools, resources, or applications.

How to Report an Issue

Alarmed Triangle Report Button

The Report Icon

Look for this icon on cards, card discussions, and forums to report language and content you believe does not fit within the community. Our community managers take each report seriously and work to moderate each reported item within the community.
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