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Building EML Foundations in STEM

Are you looking for active learning techniques to effectively engage students?

Do you want to improve student outcomes and faculty satisfaction by integrating concepts of entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) into foundational STEM courses?

Workshop: Building Entrepreneurially Minded Learning Foundations in STEM

Intended Audience: Non-engineering STEM Faculty of Foundational STEM Courses

Building EML Foundations in STEM introduces faculty to the framework of entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) with a focus on developing an engineering mindset through the application of curiosity, connections, and creating value. 

You'll experience various active learning techniques with an emphasis on the engineering mindset to effectively engage students within the classroom. Examples will include in-class activities for calculus, physics, biology, and chemistry that illustrate the incorporation of EML. 

Event Information


Dates: June 14-17, 2021

Location: Virtual 

Cost: $1500.00

Cancellation Policy: If a participant cancels within 30 days of a workshop, the Kern Family Foundation may invoice the institution for a $150 cancelation fee to cover materials and other unrecoverable costs.

Your Workshop Journey

FacDev Journey

Key Deliverables

  • Learn effective teaching strategies to incorporate entrepreneurial minded learning in non-engineering STEM courses
  • Experience the application of curiosity, connections, and creating value in the context of non-engineering STEM courses
  • Create course content that includes entrepreneurially minded learning
  • Implement the new content and assess its impact on the student population
  • Have access to a multi-disciplinary mentorship team including faculty from engineering, math, and the sciences
  • Share and disseminate created course content
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