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Design Your Academic Life - Experienced Faculty

Are you ready to explore your personal and professional goals, desires, activities, and accomplishments in the context of real and complex social contexts?

Workshop: Design Your Academic Life (Experienced Faculty)

The Design Your Academic Life (Experienced Faculty) workshop is no passive “listen to a speaker” experience. Instead, you'll be immersed into frameworks that guide your thinking and challenge you to clarify personal and career alignment. Along the way, you'll identify challenges or obstacles and brainstorm approaches to overcome them. 

You'll also be guided through the concepts of "value" and "contradictions": 

  • How can value-adding activities and accomplishments be aligned with one’s goals and desires? 
  • How and why do contradictions emerge between goals, desires, activities, and social contexts? 

Event Information

Design Your Academic Life

Workshop is currently closed. Registration coming soon!

Dates: August 6, 2021

Times: TBD 

Location: Virtual 

Cost: TBD

Your Workshop Journey

FacDev Journey

Key Deliverables

  • Frameworks and resources that encourage alignment between personal/professional goals and activities
  • Dedicated and intentional time for your personal and professional development; to consider things like goals, value-adding activities, and challenges within real-world social contexts
  • Coaching that supports identifying and clarifying your academic endeavors
  • A visual and comprehensive personal summary that can be used to guide one’s actions beyond the workshop
Design Your Academic Life