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Entrepreneurially Minded Learning & Student Research

Are you in search of new venues for disciplinary research for your students and institution?

Do you feel driven by curiosity and a desire to create lasting impact? 

Workshop: Entrepreneurially Minded Learning & Student Research

The workshop's basic premise of fully integrating and leveraging EML in research is quite appealing across a range of institutions and research levels. The range of topics covered was also helpful (e.g., REUs, VIP, proposal/paper writing, etc.). The organizers were dedicated and worked hard to deliver info and work with participants.
- From a workshop survey

Curiosity lies at the heart of research for the academic entrepreneur! Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML) & Student Research will stimulate your thinking regarding new venues for disciplinary research, and examine structures in which there are multiple beneficiaries and learning opportunities for stakeholders including your students and your institution. 

Through undergraduate research programs and other means, institutions and faculty leaders have long recognized the educational potential of exposing undergraduate engineering students to disciplinary research. The goal of all faculty development offerings within this track is to become more intentional about the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students that are exposed to disciplinary research. 

Event Information

Entrepreneurially Minded Learning & Student Research

Dates: July 19-22, 2021

Location: Virtual 

Cost: $1500.00

Cancellation Policy: If a participant cancels within 30 days of a workshop, the Kern Family Foundation may invoice the institution for a $150 cancelation fee to cover materials and other unrecoverable costs.

Your Workshop Journey

FacDev Journey


EML and Research

You will: 

  • Examine how an entrepreneurial mindset is vital to your own research activities
  • Investigate how directed research activities can be used to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, both that of your own and your graduates
  • Learn a variety of techniques for integrating disciplinary research in educational activities, both formally and informally, as well as curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular
  • Examine how you might take advantage of your institution’s structures and programs

Key Deliverables

  • Carry out a research activity with students at your home institution that leverages methods based on the KEEN Framework, i.e. one which emphasizes opportunity and the speculates upon the impact
  • Assess and reflect on the effectiveness of the activity
  • Create a network of support as a community of practice
  • Report out and share experiences and lessons learned with workshop peers
EML and Research

Examples of Workshop Content

Intentionally Creative Making

Intentionally Creative Making

For an entrepreneurial mindset to be effective, creativity is paramount. The purpose of this tool is to aid participants in realizing their own creative capabilities through the intentional connection of making with art - demonstrating intrinsic value in personal creativity. Over the course of this project's implementation, participants will explore making throughout history, seek personal inspiration, and make a creative representation of a STEM principle.
Measuring Stuff: Student-Guided Project to Practice Measurement System Development

Measuring Stuff: Student-Guided Project to Practice Measurement System Development

This course introduces students to the use and design of measurement systems for engineering practice. The goal is to encourage students to engage with the material through their curiosity while balancing the feasibility of student generated ideas with available lab equipment.
Making the Mindless Meaningful: Infusing the 3 C's in Sample Preparation

Making the Mindless Meaningful

How we might re-imagine 'mindless making' to be EML-infused so that students foster their curiosity, realize connections in the work at-hand, and create value for themselves and others?