How Do I

Get Resources & Content?

Getting the Content and Resources You Need

Need a quick activity to slot into your existing class? How about a project, an entire course, or a curriculum-wide plan?

An Engineering Unleashed "card" is an online template for faculty and staff to share insertable activities, projects, full courses, and more around the entrepreneurial mindset. You'll find lesson plans, walkthroughs, instructor tips, presentation templates, student artifacts, and other resources to use and adapt for your own needs. You can leave feedback and post questions for the card authors right on the card itself, too.

And, cards make it easy to implement the entrepreneurial mindset (EM)!

How to Find Cards

New Cards Search


The search tool is located at the top of the website. Type in your keywords, click the search icon, and then use the Card filter to guide your selection. 


The Card Dashboard contains:

  • Your own cards - Published, drafted, or personal favorites 
  • Exemplar cards - Peer reviewed by Community Catalysts
  • Most Favorited - Cards other faculty found useful 
  • Related To My Discipline - Based on your profile
  • Search All

Snapshot of a Card

In PBL in Materials - Aunt Ada's Tree House, here are some of the typical items you may expect when viewing or creating a card. A card expands vertically and grows with you; it can include as many resources as you have to share!

Aunt Ada's Treehouse

The first part of a card contains: 

  • Evocative image 
  • Descriptive title 
  • Description of project, class, course, etc. 
  • Alignment with the entrepreneurial mindset and relevant skillsets 
  • Applicable engineering disciplines

Aunt Ada's Treehouse

Next, you'll find: 

  • The author(s) 
  • Related group(s) 
  • Learning objectives
  • Instructor tips

Toward the bottom, you'll see resources such as: 

  • Downloadable files 
  • Links to other cards or resources on Engineering Unleashed
  • Links offsite to relevant resources 

These resources could be:

  • A syllabus
  • Assignments
  • Student artifacts
  • Presentations
  • Video clips
  • Evaluations

Creating a Card

Share your own content and resources with other faculty!

When you create a card, you get to provide your lesson plans and instructor tips, upload a variety of resources, and describe the purpose and outcomes you've experienced. There is no limit to the cards you can create.

Cards 101

Cards 101

Cards 101 is an actual card that walks you through creating your own card. Whether you have a robust pack of information or a concise set of data, you’ll learn to: 

  • Write a descriptive title to capture interest from other faculty 
  • Share learning objectives and instructor tips 
  • Tell the story behind your class or project

Ready to create?

Create Card

Work on your own or collaborate with other faculty. You can revisit and update your card at any time. 

Looking for feedback on your card, or want to talk through an idea? Ask for mentorship help here.