How do I Share Content?

Share Cards

Upload and share your resources with the community through cards! 

Cards provide a place for you to share content and find resources from other faculty within the community. Cards can include teaching goals, activities and practices that you have found helpful in engineering classrooms or online teaching. They allow members to showcase and provide details about student artifacts, syllabi, modules, papers, or anything else connected to entrepreneurially minded learning

You can email a card to individual members or share to the news feed of your entire network! Include a short message about why you're sharing that card.

  • From your Dashboard: In the Share a Card box, start typing in the name of the card you wish to share.  
  • From a card: The top right of every card contains the Share button.

You'll find cards in the Collaborate menu at the top.

Share your ideas in a Forum

Forums are a collection of topics that have been created to spark conversation. Ask questions, help other members, and discuss a variety of topics and ideas. 

Here are some ways to contribute and engage:

  • Click the Like button under a post to show agreement or appreciation.
  • Click the Reply button to join an ongoing conversation.  
  • Click the "New Subject/Topic" button to start a post with your own ideas and information.
  • Invite specific members to engage by @mentioning them in your post.

You'll find forums in the Collaborate menu at the top.

How do I reply