Learn About My Dashboard

Use your personal dashboard as a hub to get the latest news and activities around the community!

Located in the menu bar, My Dashboard helps you click into features and resources with ease. See what the people you're following have created, click directly into your own cards or groups, and share content to select people or your entire news feed. You can personalize your dashboard based on your preferences, your profile information, the people you follow, and the groups you’ve joined. 

Only Engineering Unleashed members can access the dashboard, so log in or create an account at no cost to you today.


Dashboard scroll

You’ll find: 

  • Recommended Connections to follow community members 
  • A How Do I section to help you navigate key features 
  • Your News Feed and a Notifications channel for card updates and comments 
  • Community News for events and updates within the community 
  • The Share a Card feature to alert colleagues to great content you’ve found