How Does Search Score?

The Engineering Unleashed search function "scores" certain items in cards, groups, profiles, pages, and forums.

The search filters will take into account these scoring profiles to determine relevance, and then use that to order results. For example, if several cards use the same tag, it will use relevance to show results based on your search term. Or if you sort by Published Date, the relevance will determine any ties in the results and present them higher. 

There are three tiers in our search and are weighted as follows: 

  • Tier 1 weighting = 2 (most important)
  • Tier 2 weighting = 1
  • Tier 3 weighting = 0.5 (least important)
  • Matches with a higher tier are given priority in the results over those with a lower tier.
  • Results (i.e. card or member) with the term appearing multiple times are given higher priority within that tier.

Here are the items in each tier: 

Tier 1

  • CARD: Title
  • CARD: Description
  • CARD: Summary
  • FORUM: Topic Name
  • FORUM: Topic Description
  • GROUP: Title
  • GROUP: Introduction
  • MEMBER: Full Name
  • MEMBER: User: Institution
  • ARTICLE: Title 

Tier 2

  • CARD: Learning Objectives
  • CARD: Instructor Tips
  • CARD: Mindset Details (text manually entered by author or editor)
  • CARD: Engineering Discipline Title
  • FORUM: Post Content
  • MEMBER: Biography
  • ARTICLE: Description

Tier 3

  • CARD: Folder Title
  • CARD: Folder Description
  • CARD: Folder Doc Title
  • CARD: Folder Doc Description
  • CARD: Authors
  • CARD: Discussions
  • GROUP: Mission Goals
  • GROUP: Deliverables
  • MEMBER: Email
  • MEMBER: Interests
  • MEMBER: Memberships