Top 10 of 2022

You’ve done great things in 2022! We’re grateful for your time, knowledge, and influence. We’re excited to reveal the top 10 achievements this year on Engineering Unleashed:

10. Card Review

Want feedback on your card as you’re building it? How about polishing your published cards? New in 2022, click “Submit for Review” in your card’s Edit screen for constructive feedback from a trained reviewer! Learn more about it.

9. Search Filters 

You asked for more search capabilities and here they are: Click the More… button on the Search page to filter by Institution, Discipline, and other options. You can also sort by published date, downloads, and other criteria. Try this search!

8. Tags & Keywords

Enhance your card’s content and increase its searchability by adding relevant tags and keywords in your Edit screen! Get all the latest tips for card authoring.

7. Ambassadors

Our Engineering Unleashed Ambassadors continue to promote EM to their professional societies. Highlights from this year include Matt Liberatore (University of Toledo) who facilitated a workshop on EM during the AIChE Summer Workshop. Learn more about the program

6. Engineering Unleashed Fellows

Look to Devina Jaiswal (Western New England) for an example of the tremendous work the Engineering Unleashed Fellows. She has been carrying her Fellowship work forward since 2020 - straight into next year! In 2023, she is primed to return as a facilitator for an Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development national workshop related to making.

5. KEEN Rising Stars 

Our 2022 Rising Stars take risks, create innovative teaching methods, and put students first as they make entrepreneurially minded learning a reality in their institutions. Get inspired by the work of Dr. Kaitlin Mallouk (Rowan University), Dr. Erin Henslee (Wake Forest University), and Dr. Jennifer O'Neil (Rochester Institute of Technology).

4. Case Studies

Entrepreneurially Minded Engineering Case Studies provide you with show and tell stories for you to use in your courses. Check out these cases, some of which are told from the inventor-innovator’s perspective!

3. New KEEN Partners

This past year, we welcomed three new KEEN Partners to the Network: South Dakota Mines, NC State, and The Citadel. Each has a definitive approach toward equipping students with the tools they need to become transformative leaders.

2. Top Member


Glenn Gaudette, Professor & Chair, Department of Engineering, Boston College, receives our 2022 Top Member honor! 

A research pioneer supported by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, Glenn also has a prolific presence on Engineering Unleashed, authoring or editing over 100 cards. 

1. The Cards Round-Up 

This entry technically increases our list past a top 10, but we couldn’t resist! Try these community favorites & up-and-comers:

hotairballoon.pngFlying Forces: Adding Lift to Statics 

Described as an exciting way to incorporate ideas in a classroom as an activity and not a lecture, this card is a recurring favorite among members.

Lightbulb_Idea.png ONU Expanded KEEN Student Outcomes (aka e-KSOs)

Grab the PDF included in this card to make it easier to see all the different behaviors that might belong in each of the 3Cs - at a bite-sized level!

batsignal.png Build your own Bat Signal (Ceiling projector night light) (WIP) 

Use the materials begun by this card to create a fun community outreach activity in your makerspace that you don’t have to think of from scratch.

question-mark-icon.png So, what exactly will I be doing with my undergrad engineering degree? | Incorporating Entrepreneurial Mindset into BME Career Option Considerations

Invite BME career professionals to class to discuss their career path journey, current innovations, and industry trends.

Workshop.png A Survey of EML-Infused Co-Op Best Practices 

Explore the results from this innovative survey and adapt for any EML-based courses and workshops!

Storytelling.png Case Studies for Ethical Reasoning in Machine Learning Contexts

Productively engage with ethical dilemmas (and disagreements) using the analytical tools, understanding, and language provided in these four case studies.