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CardDeck: Integrated e-Learning Modules created by University of New Haven
Updated: 1/25/2022 4:27 PM by Nadiye Erdil
Reviewed: 10/14/2022 2:57 PM by Michael Johnson
18 e-Learning modules as resources faculty can use to embed EM in their classes.

This CardDeck provides a link to each of the 18 e-learning modules created by the University of New Haven that help develop an entrepreneurial mindset in students. The modules are designed to be integrated into existing engineering and computer science courses. 

Our efforts, as part of KEEN, are aimed at fostering an entrepreneurial mindset in engineering students. An entrepreneurial mindset applies to all aspects of life, beginning with curiosity about our changing world, integrating information from various resources to gain insight, and identifying unexpected opportunities to create value. We believe that an engineer equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset will be able to create extraordinary value within any type of organization.

Development of 18 e-learning modules supporting entrepreneurially minded learning is part of this effort. The University of New Haven, a KEEN partner institution for over 7 years, aims to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in its engineering students by integrating the 18 e-learning modules into existing engineering and computer science courses. 

The e-learning modules are interactive, structured in a way that will allow integration into regular courses or utilization as supplementary resources, and each are accompanied with a teaching guide. The modules are generic enough to allow their deployment in various courses and majors.

The length of each module is 3-9 hours of online student work. Online student work includes the amount of time a student is expected to spend reviewing material in a module as well as the average time needed to complete module assignments, activities or exercises.

The development and implementation of the e-Learning Modules has taken placed over the past several years. Several papers and conference presentations document that effort and we invite you to read them - including 2 related papers at the most recent ASEE 2020 conference. Please scroll down to the resources section for direct links to the papers.


E-Learning Modules Overview Videos

You can see about a two-minute video in the following links to learn more about each module.

Adapting a Business to a Changing Climate

Applying Systems Thinking to Complex Problems

Building Relationships with Corporations and Communities

Building, Sustaining and Leading Effective Teams and Establishing Performance Goals

Defining and Protecting Intellectual Property

Determining Market Risks

Developing a Business Plan that Addresses Stakeholder Interests, Market Potential and Economics

Developing Customer Awareness and Quickly Testing Concepts Through Customer Engagement

Cost of Production and Market Conditions

Financing a Business

Generating New Ideas Based on Societal Needs and Business Opportunities

Innovating to Solve Problems under Organizational Constraints

Innovative Client-Centered Solutions Through Design Thinking

Learning from Failure

Resolving Ethical Issues

Role of Product in Value Creation

The Elevator Pitch: Advocating for Your Good Ideas

Thinking Creatively to Drive Innovation

Learning Objectives

The e-Learning modules were designed to target the KEEN student outcomes. No one module addresses them all, and the level to which any one module targets a particular outcome varies.

In addition, each e-learning modules has a set of associated learning objectives. Please follow the links below to access the CARDS for the individual e-learning modules.

Instructor Tips
The modules are generic enough to allow their deployment in various courses and majors.To deploy this e-Learning Module, we suggest the following integration Strategies: Integrate into your Learning Management System (LMS) and deploy as follows: 

1. Have your students complete the module on their own, typically over a 2-week period. - Quizzes that are part of the module content are automatically graded and entered into your LMS - Engage students in an online or in class discussion 

2. Have students complete a contextual activity. Sample activities are described in the instructor's guide provided.

3. Optional: Add questions related to the module in your final examination. 

Refer to the presentation provided below (UNewHaven-elearningModules-Deployment.pdf) for more information on integration strategies.

Questions regarding the module- please contact us via email at KEEN@newhaven.edu
  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Explore a contrarian view of accepted solution
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
  • Assess and manage risk
Creating Value
  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
  • Persist through and learn from failure
  • Identify Opportunity
  • Evaluate Tech Feasibility, Customer Value, Societal Benefits & Economic Viability
  • Investigate Market
  • Test Concepts via Customer Engagement
  • Create Preliminary Business Model
  • Assess Policy & Regulatory Issues
  • Communicate Solution in Economic Terms
  • Develop Partnerships & Build Team
  • Communicate Societal Benefits
  • Identify Supply Chains & Distribution Methods
  • Validate Market Interest
  • Protect Intellectual Property
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The University of New Haven’s KEEN team, consisting of Ronald Harichandran, Dean, Nadiye O. Erdil, Assistant Professor of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Jean Nocito-Gobel, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Cheryl Li, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, supervised the development and deployment of the e-learning modules. Ms. Meghan Baggili assisted with project coordination.
This was created through work with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network. More content can be found at EngineeringUnleashed.com.
This folder contains general information relevant to all the e-learning modules.
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UNewHaven-elearningModules-Deployment.pdf Presentation .pdf 11/26/2018 2.3 MB 690
Module_Summaries.pdf Other .pdf 11/26/2018 310.7 KB 712
Module Import Instructions.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 11/26/2018 107.5 KB 714
The module “Adapting a Business to a Changing Climate” is designed to help students learn how changing business environments can negatively impact a company and what strategies can be used to adapt to the new conditions.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=9f28135c-d618-4d0a-8a23-45bd3c881788 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://youtu.be/YjdOxvOoNt8 Video 1/25/2022 -  
The “Applying Systems Thinking to Solve Complex Problems” module can be used by instructors in a variety of classes to illustrate the systems-approach when the problems are ill-defined or multi-tiered in complexity. Instructors can use it to show how to apply some basic tools such as function mapping, decomposition and heuristic rules to make complex problems less complex. The tools also help users avoid common mistakes such as mismatched interfaces between sub-systems.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=cf07f6c4-ce90-442c-8b9e-5eed5e7ea3b1 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNPHZj7NP30&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=2&t=30s Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module Building Relationships with Corporations and Communities teaches students to work with corporations and communities. Students often don’t realize how important relationships with corporations and communities are to successful engineering projects. This module introduces them to the topic of working with organizations and teaches them ways to build relationships with organizations and communities so that they can help projects run smoothly. They learn ways of thinking about corporations and communities that make it easier to work with them. They also learn how to approach them without defensiveness and think about how to use their input to improve designs.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=937bc364-9871-44ee-83dc-951c897d19ee Lesson 8/8/2019 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4s1ljCfcas Video 1/20/2022 -  
The module “Building, Sustaining and Leading Effective Teams and Establishing Performance Goals” is highly recommended for all engineering and science students since they will invariably work in teams during their careers. Industry desires engineers who can succeed in a team setting and formal instruction regarding teamwork is therefore beneficial for engineering students. This module is designed to increase the understanding of personal characteristics and group dynamics on team performance and help resolve conflicts that might arise in team settings.
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https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=5021a351-41fd-4b5d-85ee-93c04ee35d35 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQCAyWufdF0&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=1&t=32s Video 10/12/2021 -  
As engineering professionals’ students will participate in and lead development of confidential and patentable intellectual property projects during their career. A basic working knowledge of intellectual property concepts and law are essential for engineers and scientists seeking a career in the business world. The purpose of the module “Defining and Protecting Intellectual Property” is to provide the student with this background.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=c2aed21f-89fd-4227-bc30-d1aeef98d5ab Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRftNWoGwR4&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=11&t=8s Video 10/12/2021 -  
Many novice engineers think their work is finished when the technical solution to a problem is reached. In reality, they are just at the beginning of a potentially arduous process if they intend to actually bring it to market and thus create value to their company and society. In the module Determining Market Risks, the students are introduced to a variety of risks that are involved with bringing a new product to market.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=577dba1b-fdef-4817-baea-c8d206fe7c59 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Wmb0ODu0fU&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=10 Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module “Developing a Business Plan” is designed to inform students how to develop a standardized approach for creating, optimizing and presenting business plans for new product and service companies.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=e30571b5-49e5-4235-b009-1e67f99cd9fc Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKl80V0_YTs&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=9 Video 10/12/2021 -  
For engineered products to be successful, they must accurately fulfill the requirements of the product’s stakeholders and create value. To address this need, designers use formal design tools to assist in understanding and identifying the stakeholders and their respective requirements. The module Developing Customer Awareness and Quickly Testing Concepts Through Customer Engagement, introduces students the general process of selecting stakeholders, generating requirements, and integrating empathy in design.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=c2e23b48-0780-4fc5-bdc0-2e2ab6d6029f Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVHsvwdHfY4&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=12&t=11s Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module “Cost of Production and Market Conditions” is designed to help students learn how to determine the cost of production. Furthermore, the module introduces the students to various market structures, and their impact on the cost of products.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=0796a56b-936f-4a88-8854-369230d9bca0 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCp37nw00kM&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=13 Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module “Financing a Business” guides students through the process of identifying business financing requirements, matching funding methods to requirements, and implementing a plan to secure financing. Entrepreneurial engineers use their curiosity to identify unfulfilled market requirements, connect and create meaningful opportunities with innovative solutions to the requirements, and create valuable businesses. Pursuing an efficient method for financing a business is essential to monetizing an opportunity, and returning value to customer, investor, and employee stakeholders.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=c9610003-8529-44c7-9017-48249f5a282a Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu68_I_8-b8&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=7 Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module “Generating New Ideas Based on Societal Needs and Business Opportunities” will introduce students to a number of methods that can lead to new business ventures, including recognizing societal trends and market gaps and discovering different ways to solve.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=05f3a82f-345e-4cad-bc95-d353e637ac7d Lesson 12/18/2018 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eIS7F1RCWg&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=6 Video 10/12/2021 -  
Technical companies continually seek innovative employees in order to maintain a competitive edge and to keep their products relevant in the market. Hence the innovation skillset is highly valued by hiring managers, and the skills that breed innovation must be acquired by engineering students. Specifically, engineering students must be able to implement a methodical approach to innovation so that they can continually add value to their organizations. Furthermore, this innovation must occur within given boundary conditions and constraints to be adopted by the organization. The module Innovating to Solve Problems Under Organizational Constraints introduces students to different types of innovation and problem solving techniques in order to create a portfolio of practical solutions.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=a12f8d15-02ef-4db2-930a-e89a16228acd Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwBo5fxPL8Y&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=15&t=33s Video 10/12/2021 -  
Design thinking is an innovation mindset and a problem-solving methodology that helps people solve concrete challenges. In the module Innovative Client-Centered Solutions Through Design Thinking, students are guided through two human-centered design thinking (HCDT) cycles, and learn how to apply design-thinking skills to a client-centered challenge.
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https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=dc24b003-9d9b-4886-afcb-23cd3c052832 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
Failure is inevitable in life. Engineers must learn the difference between business failure and engineering failure; learn when it is acceptable to take risks; learn to recognize the signs of impending failure and how to avoid it; know how to examine past failures, personal and corporate, in order to learn lessons from those failures; and learn how to persist through failure. The module “Learning from Failure” covers these items in three lessons: What is Failure?, Types and Phases of Failure, and Case Studies.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=6192c834-23de-4c99-a386-78edde1faf1c Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xEKtK6LV0M&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=5&t=64s Video 10/12/2021 -  
The module “Resolving Ethical Issues”, which is based on research coupled with engineering and business experience, defines ethics as a process and argues that the principal reason to behave ethically is that it engenders trust; uses case studies that illustrate how ethical dilemmas arise in engineering; how most engineers respond in keeping with the engineering’s paramount responsibility of protecting public health, safety, and welfare; and how a small minority of engineers act irresponsibly; and provides descriptions of three very different and practical methods for resolving ethical issues.
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https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=aebb835c-7925-4dba-8ba8-6d21e2d60714 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2FfotqVs_I&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=8&t=81s Video 10/12/2021 -  
The entrepreneurial mindset focuses on value creation, and the qualities and characteristics associated with identifying unexpected opportunities to create value. This is not a new concept, as throughout history many famous individuals devoted their lives to developing inventions, many of which create value. The module “Role of Product in Value Creation” helps the student to investigate the total product concept, one that introduces a contrarian view the student may not have thought about previously. As part of this concept it is important to keep in mind for whom the products are designed, the consumer. Finally, it is important to go beyond the product to better understand the concept of value.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=230c18b3-a61e-4f5c-916b-0e3bcbf03913 Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O4TowdYh3I&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=3 Video 10/12/2021 -  
As engineering professionals, graduates will be expected to present solutions to engineering problems
and related opportunities in a clear and time efficient manner. The module “The Elevator Pitch: Advocating for Your Good Ideas” introduces students to the essential skill of advocating for themselves, their product, or their solution to various individuals. The module provides guidelines for preparing and delivering brief, effective pitches, anytime and anyplace, to a wide variety of decision makers.
Title Type Ext Date Size Downloads
https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=63cb2ef4-1eb3-4e01-aefa-7284d9ed28bd Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDiLsLrh-rI&list=PL4fz8tkNFnSyQ_d2QI1T_XvxRp-gkFH5l&index=4&t=56s Video 10/12/2021 -  
The “Thinking Creatively to Drive Innovation” module encourages students to stimulate and use their natural curiosity regarding the changing world about them and its needs. Then, based on what they see and understand, seek to make connections from many sources to generate creative ideas that lead to meeting those needs. Thinking creatively requires understanding that creativity is determined more by nurture than nature, recognition of the value of the divergent-convergent thinking process, forming highly diverse teams, and then using collaborative thinking methods.
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https://engineeringunleashed.com/cards/cardview.aspx?CardGuid=a5c775c6-594c-4438-96fa-57cba521e5cc Lesson 7/29/2020 -  
We would like to receive your feedback on the use and deployment of the e-learning module(s).
We hope that you will take a few minutes to complete the instructor feedback form (all items are optional).
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https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ModulesInstructorFeedback Other 1/1/2020 -  
The development and implementation of the e-Learning Modules has taken placed over the past several years. Several papers and conference presentations document that effort and we invite you to read them. Please reach out to us if you have questions or need any resources that are mentioned in the papers but might not find within the cards.
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ASEE 2020 Paper on Perception of Modules Journal / Article .pdf 6/29/2020 982 KB 637
ASEE 2020 Paper on EML Assessment Journal / Article .pdf 6/29/2020 919.1 KB 611
ASEE 2019 Paper on EML Indices Journal / Article 6/29/2020 -  
ASEE 2018 Paper on Direct Assessment Journal / Article 6/29/2020 -  
ASEE 2017 Paper on Integrated Modules Journal / Article 6/29/2020 -  
ASEE 2016 Paper on Integrated Modules Journal / Article 6/29/2020 -  
ASEE 2015 Paper on Integrated Modules Journal / Article 6/29/2020 -