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Sharing experiences from entrepreneurially-minded professionals for engineering education (2022 KNC Session)
Updated: 10/4/2022 9:43 AM by Becky Benishek
This card provides a description and methods used to facilitate the KNC2022 workshop; materials could also be used in courses and co-curriculars

This workshop will focus on ways to bring industry voices into engineering education. We will specifically discuss low cost, easy-to-scale ways to use interviewing in the classroom. Session attendees will explore opportunities for finding excellent alumni connections from their home institution, and examples of EM connected questioning. Attendees will use a draft tool for finding compelling professionals from a diverse landscape of possibilities. The workshop will end will opportunities for future collaboration by serving as interviewee ambassadors for an upcoming series focused on EM in professional practice. Workshop participants will also get a sneak peek at draft materials available for Fall 2022 classes.

The facilitators will engage participants through using a variety of collaborative design approaches around:

  • Sharing positive examples of industry in the classroom
  • Reverse engineering successful approaches participants have used (e.g. panels, interview series, etc.)
  • Practicing approaches for finding good interviewees and interviews

Learning Objectives
  • Ask more questions
  • Learn from others
  • Understand mindsets
  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Explore a contrarian view of accepted solution
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
  • Assess and manage risk
Creating Value
  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
  • Persist through and learn from failure
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