Tips & Strategy

Engineering Unleashed search provides a suite of basic and advanced filtering options to help you find relevant content more quickly. Try out combinations to calibrate and focus your search!

Basic Search

Navigation, filtering, sorting

You can find great material on Engineering Unleashed through keyword searches using our basic filters.


Keyword Phrase Tips

Put quotation marks around your search phrase to return the exact phrase in the results. 

  • Try living learning community and then "living learning community".

The search engine will find words regardless if punctuation is involved, such as commas or hyphens.


Filter by one or a combination of the following:

Button_cards.png All published cards, and any draft cards where you are the author or editor.

Button_members.png All community members.

Button_Groups.png All private and public groups.

Button_articles.png All informational pages, faculty story pages, and member spotlight pages.

Button_forums.png All public forums, and any private group forums where you are a group member.

Color-coding helps provide at-a-glance identification in your search results. 


Refine your results further using the Sort By categories. These default to descending order from most to least. (Note: Most of these categories apply to cards.)

  • Relevance - This applies scoring to your keyword(s). Learn more about relevancy.
  • Updated Date - See most recently updated cards first. 
  • Published Date- See most recently published (new) cards first.
  • Views - See cards with the most views first.
  • Favorites - See cards with the most favorites first.
  • Comments - See cards with the most comments first.

To view results in ascending order - least to most - click the up/down arrow toggle next to the Sort By box.

In this example, we've searched for food engineering, filtered by Cards, and sorted by Published Date:


Close-up of a Card

You can get a lot of information about a card before you click it to view further, such as:

  • Title, author(s), brief description.
  • Views, favorites, comments, and downloads.
  • Tags, Categories, Disciplines, and Institutions.


Color-coding provides further information about the card.

  • Yellow: Yellow-bordered cards represent published cards on Engineering Unleashed.
  • Green: A green-bordered card has been published and peer-reviewed for quality. This includes a green checkmark.
  • Blue: A blue-bordered card has been designated as an Exemplar card. This includes a blue star. Exemplar cards are assessed by two or more reviewers and found to be representative of the entrepreneurial mindset. 
  • Gray background: These are your own cards still in draft - if they meet your search criteria and relevancy.

Advanced Search

Additional filtering with the "More..." button

Get advanced filtering options with the More... button!

advanced filters-sidenav.gif



To use these advanced filters: Choose one or a combination of options, then click Apply at the bottom of the pop-out screen.

Card Tags & Keywords

Search specifically for tags that have been added by card authors in their card's Tags & Keywords section. As you type, the system will search for available tags. Select the ones you are looking for. 

Card Categories

Use this field to narrow your focus to types of cards, such as those specifically for the classroom.


Looking for cards just from your institution, or curious about another? Use this field.

Quality Content

Choose to see only cards that have been through our peer review process, and/or cards deemed Exemplar (reviewed and representative of the entrepreneurial mindset)


Select the disciplines you're looking for. You can also select:

  • Comprehensive. This means the card covers all disciplines - engineering and non-engineering.
    • Your search results will return cards that have Comprehensive selected as their discipline AND cards that have any discipline selected. This means you could see cards that have Arts & Sciences, Biology, and so forth.
  • All Engineering Disciplines. This means the card covers all engineering disciplines. 
    • Your search results will return cards that have All Engineering selected as their discipline AND cards that only have engineering disciplines selected. This means you will not see cards with Arts & Sciences, Biology, and so forth.

Remember, click Apply at the bottom of the More... pop-out for your choices to go into effect!

Additional Search Tips

Make Your Own Combinations

You can combine just about any of the basic and advanced filters to customize your search. 

  • Choose an Institution and a Discipline in the More... menu, then filter your results by Most Viewed in the Sort By box. 
  • Search for a Member by name, and then select the Cards filter to see that person's published cards or cards they were mentioned in. Then use the More... menu to filter by Categories.

Save Your Search

Each search string also creates its own link. 

  • You can bookmark your search to your own browser to access later without having to re-select your criteria. 
  • You can also send the link to your colleagues. Note: They will have to be logged in to Engineering Unleashed to see all possible results.