Ohio Northern University

Small university, huge impact.

Ohio Northern University (ONU) has a rich history of academic excellence, and we’re always evolving to meet society’s ever-changing needs. We’ve most recently been recognized for teaching quality, high graduation rates, commitment to volunteer service and, most impressively, providing a high return on investment for our graduates.

ONU has had an engineering program for over 140 years. While many things have changed during that time, our focus on graduating career-ready engineers has not. Nor has our clear focus on undergraduate students. Our purpose is to give all our students access to great careers and flourishing lives. We do so by engaging students through personal relationships and remarkable opportunities.

Despite being on a smaller campus, our students compete in a broad variety of regional, national, and international competitions, they do projects with industry clients, tour regional facilities, travel abroad, and work on service projects. They are also varsity athletes, musicians, artists, and leaders.

Why We're In KEEN
As one of the founding members of KEEN, we are proud of our membership in KEEN. KEEN has helped to transform our college of engineering, by allowing us improve internally while also collaborating broadly across the network. The relationships our faculty have built across the network have been critical to our success, and have also helped the network to grow stronger.

ONU has institutionalized the entrepreneurial mindset across all semesters of our engineering curricula. As such, we believe we have saturated the student experience with the entrepreneurial mindset—in other words, at ONU, we simply think of engineering as entrepreneurially-minded learning.

We have provided a workshop describing our work, and that card is probably the best overview of the work that ONU has done. ONU has been involved in the creation of nearly one hundred cards.

Current Work
We continue to participate in faculty development, both as facilitators and participants. We have had three KEEN Rising Stars. A KEEN Book Club has become an annual activity for faculty, and we regularly bring KEEN faculty to campus to speak with our faculty.

I left industry to come to academia because I thought I could have a positive impact on students. I’m excited to help our students graduate not just technically ready, but with strong character, the entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to communicate and collaborate. Why? Those are the engineers who will go on to have a positive impact on their companies, on society, and the world around them.
Lauren Logan
published a card
This activity/assignment tasks students with creating a museum exhibit (virtually or physically) based on course content of their choosing.

John Estell
published a card
A SWOT exercise is conducted on a failed Kickstarter project by a newly formed 3rd-year pre-Capstone team.