The Ohio State University
Ohio State’s College of Engineering and Knowlton School of Architecture strive to foster a learning culture that prepares students to be key contributors to society through their technological, professional, and personal skills. In addition to being an innovative leader in engineering and architecture education, we endeavor to fulfill our university’s land-grant mission of advancing Ohio’s economic mobility, competitiveness, and standard of living through our contributions toward technology and creativity, continuous improvement, a diverse workforce, and lifelong learning. The college also is firmly committed to and a catalyst for the University’s Discovery Themes: Energy and Environment; Food Production and Security; and Health and Wellness.

A partnership with KEEN presents an opportunity for OSU to connect with other engineering programs in the Network, to leverage resources, to engage in collaborative projects, and to identify other synergies. Being a Network partner also allows OSU to advance current practices in undergraduate engineering education, to engage in engineering education scholarship, and to explore and assess entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) among thousands of engineering students.

Learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset. You can also join Engineering Unleashed today.
It is an extraordinary honor for the Department of Engineering Education and The College of Engineering at The Ohio State University to be invited to join KEEN. We look forward to infusing an entrepreneurial mindset into the thousands of young engineers whom we teach each year. The opportunity to build connections with, and learn from, the other KEEN partners will prepare our students to create value and change the world they are entering.
--David Williams, Dean, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University
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A direct assessment of student ability to create value using brainstorming, stakeholders, value categories, and value created by a communications platform.