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COMPASS for EM Assessment
Updated: 1/15/2024 5:57 PM by Nicole Ralston
The COMPASS navigator is a tool to help you determine the best type of assessment tool for your EM project.

The COMPASS navigator is a tool to help you determine the best type of assessment tool for your EM project. Our team has developed an interactive tool [https://keen-compass-977ii.ondigitalocean.app/], a training module [https://learningevents.engineeringunleashed.com/courses/em-assessment-compass-classroom], and a taxonomy for organizing the information.

Who: The tools we developed have been designed for faculty or staff members that are interested in assessment of EM, but may not know where to start. Our training module provides information about assessment of EM, and a navigation tool to help you find the type of assessment that will work well for your project.

Where: The training module is self-paced and online. If you complete the full training the system will send you a certificate of completion for your professional development. For most people, we believe the training module may be completed in a few hours. 

What: You do not need any prior knowledge of assessment to get started using the tools, but it would be good to have a project or course assessment that you wish to assess as you explore.

Invitation! You are invited to join us as a reviewer of this tool set. To officially sign-up to pilot test and receive reviewer instructions, please complete this form here: https://forms.gle/VGotbU9FfRAXwMRq7  To provide feedback on the Navigator or either of the two Thinkific modules, please complete the feedback form here: https://forms.gle/mh8txCYVUf1EhoQU8 

Learning Objectives
  • Participants will increase their knowledge surrounding assessment, including understanding common assessment methods and research-based best practices of assessment 

  • Participants will be able to apply knowledge surrounding assessment to plan and implement assessment of an EM module 

  • Participants will be able to analyze the results of their assessment to reflect on their impact as an instructor

  • Participants will feel confident writing publications based on this assessment work, including in their Engineering Unleashed card and in an ASEE-type paper

Instructor Tips

We are a collaborative cross-institutional team deeply committed to the importance of quality assessment in general and especially of EM. We came to this through our own attempts at assessing EM, from a cross-faculty survey attempt at University of Portland to an in-depth bibliography of tools that measure the 3Cs at the Ohio State University to a method of supporting faculty in their own assessment endeavors at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. As discussions among our team members progressed, we began to see that assessment of EM was an unmet need across the entire network. 

We began this work in 2021 by gathering a lay of the land of the state of assessment of EM in the network. We interviewed 42 different participants from 28 different KEEN institutions (thank you so much for participating!), we reviewed nearly 2,000 cards on Engineering Unleashed, we conducted a focus group with industry partners, we conducted a thorough literature review of published papers, and we dove deep into the archives to all the amazing work the Assessment Working Group had conducted.  

What we found was awesome and impressive - there is a lot of interesting, important work going on out there around EM assessment! So we compiled that work, summarized it, and turned it into a roadmap. We hope you will take a moment to explore the tools we developed, linked in this card.

We are using a survey to understand how faculty progress in their knowledge of EM during the training module. We are currently looking for EU faculty/staff to test our training modules. You can sign up here: https://forms.gle/VGotbU9FfRAXwMRq7  You can provide feedback to the Navigator or the two Thinkific modules here: https://forms.gle/V74zMt3rVpDKMDof6 
  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
  • Assess and manage risk
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  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
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We would like to thank all the faculty that have taken time to test our tools over the last few years. In particular, the advisory board and the KFF team. The feedback from everyone has made the tools much richer.
The following links are for our tools.
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https://keen-compass-977ii.ondigitalocean.app/ Other 11/17/2023 -  
https://learningevents.engineeringunleashed.com/courses/em-assessment-compass-classroom Lesson 11/17/2023 -