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KEENzine Case Studies

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MSOE Servant Leadership

Want to focus students on value creation? How about infusing ethics and social impact into your classes? Could you use some tips on the Question Formulation Technique (QFT)? 

Whether you’re looking for a single-class project or a curriculum-wide approach, the Engineering Unleashed community delivers content that can be applied across disciplines. (Members have access to more than 1000 cards. Click here to join at no cost to you!) 

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"How do you encourage curiosity in your students?" 

"I’m looking for projects that can be completed in a single class. What are your favorites?" 

"I really like the use of concept maps to help students create connections between material. We have been using them in our first-year engineering course and I have incorporated them into my junior year Aerospace structures course. What are some ways you have used them in your classes?" 

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Accelerate change! Engineering Unleashed groups provide a space for you to connect and collaborate with faculty. Groups are formed around shared interests, can be connected to professional societies and divisions, and help grow relationships with other members, near and far.  

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Webinars On Demand

Are you looking for a webinar on how faculty are approaching entrepreneurially minded learning? How about learning how to promote a value creation mindset, or assess a student’s curiosity level? Access our webinars at any time to infuse your academic world with new experiments and takeaways that will impact the mindsets of not only your students but you and your colleagues.


Video Library

What do students have to say about EM in class? Why is the entrepreneurial mindset for engineers so critical for industry success? How are faculty, business leaders, and entrepreneurial thinkers implementing EM in their fields? The Video Library has content on these topics and many more!


KEEN'zine: The Magazine for Entrepreneurial Mindset

KEENzine Ohm's Law is a Lie

Ohm’s Law is a lie!

Intrigued? Find out why in the KEEN'zine! Our magazine is full of stories and actionable take-aways from faculty implementing entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) across the nation. Find out how to unleash "intrapreneurs." Get strategies for connecting students with customers. Explore a complete handbook for EML. 

Each themed edition allows for further understanding of the KEEN Framework and how it is applied in different contexts. Because most articles are authored by KEEN faculty, you get an insider’s look at the process and implementation of these principles.

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